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If you’re working the 9-5 grind, chances are you’ve anticipated Friday coming so you can go out to eat. However, did you know there’s an even better way to enjoy your favorite meals, any time of week? There are so many recipes online that you can enjoy these meals right from home. Start with one of these Outback restaurant chicken recipes.

The first recipe you should consider is called “Alice Springs Chicken.” This Outback entree is so popular that most any server could tell you it’s a top-seller. To make the Alice Springs Chicken, you’ll need a piece of grilled chicken to start with, along with some mushrooms, Monterey Jack and some shredded cheese, as well as some bacon. This is covered with a great-tasting honey mustard sauce.

If you make this dish, it’s pretty easy to find a suitable side to accompany it. For example, a nice side of corn, or potatoes cooked as you please work well. Of course, you don’t even need a side because the chicken is simply amazing. This chicken dish is pretty simple to find, owing to its popularity.

Another of the restaurant chicken recipes you should try would be the Outback Grillers. This is a less popular recipe, according to Outback, but its taste contradicts that fact. Because it isn’t as popular, you’ll find that it’s a little more difficult to locate online. You should try asking your server whenever you’re at the restaurant next for some tips.

The Outback Grillers dish is great paired with some wild rice as well as any sort of vegetables from the grill. This meal is a healthy alternative to the typical fare that most are eating today, and your tastebuds as well as your arteries will thank you!

Finally, you’ll want to try Outback’s Chicken on the Barbie. The very name incites a smell of wood smoke and the thought of perfectly charred-tasting chicken, doesn’t it? Unlike the Alice Springs Chicken, this dish doesn’t use a mustard sauce but rather stays within a bar-be-cue theme. This is another of Outback’s versatile dishes, in that any side dish will do the job.

You can find plenty of restaurant chicken recipes online, but you’ll be hard-pressed to out-do these tasty entrees by Outback Steakhouse. Rather than get in a long line at the restaurant on your Friday, you should take a peek online to find recipes like this trio from Outback.